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The room games

The Escape game room has a couple of scenarios or we could simply call them games, each one as exciting as the other.

The Heist is a game room about a thief beating a thief at his own game. It is based on the theory that a valuable piece of art has gone missing and it is up to the gamers to recover it. The game’s difficulty has been rated 8/10 and its duration is supposed to be one hour only. It can accommodate an average of 2-8 players.

Mission: Mars is another of their room games. In this one, the team has travelled to Mars but their space ship has encountered some difficulties and they have to fix it for them to come back to earth. In addition to that, there is a cosmic radiation heading towards them and if it hits them before they are able to fix their ship and leave the planet, then they will be stuck on planet Mars forever.

Gold Rush is a classic one based on the fiction of one Mr. Clyde Hamilton. The man loved gold but he was also very greedy and stole from others. He was detained and now rumor has it that he hid his gold some place safe. You as a team have to find the gold as fast as possible seeing that the mob are also after the same gold.

Classified. In these game, your team members are federal agents who are given the task of stopping a major international terrorist. You are to do this by gathering enough information on the terrorist and finally catch him.

Prison break, just like the name of the game itself is about escaping from prison. You have been unlawfully detained in prison for life for a crime you did not commit and it is up to you to save your life. It was rumored that the person who was before you in that exact cell one day just disappeared. Others say he escaped while others say that the game warden roughed him and killed him. You have to hurry and find a way out before you get the same unknown fate.

These games are amazing for team work. They bring people closer and create a greater bond between workmates. The Escape Game Orlando is also an amazing place for friends to hang out and spend their time. Get The Escape Game discount codes that we offer and be able to enjoy these fantastic games at very affordable prices.